Central obesity

I don't know know if I am exaggerating or not, but I surely think I do have!

You see, my pamphlet which came with the tablets warn some 'fluid retention' and 'weight gain'. But it is all at the tummy area. It's crazy. I am having backache because my back cannot support the big fat tummy of mine. It is really round.. no joke! Freaking me out. It's not as if I have been eating like a glutton, I can't even take dinner because everytime I take dinner, I end up can't fit into my pants next morning.

It's so not fair that some people eat so much yet don't get fat.
It's so not fair that some people never jog yet still in such perfect shape.
It's so not fair that I struggle so hard yet still so obese.
It's so not fair!

My back hurts big time. Cannot tampung lah.


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