Anti-social and so..

Today after church, a fellow junior shot me a question - "So, what do you do? You're an anti-social (ouch!!!) and you don't study.. what do you do, then?"

I was flabbergasted/dumbstruck/howeveryoucandescribe.

Yes, I may not be one of the cool cheerleaders of my batch. Neither did I join my uni games (I wanted to join tennis but it was full team, k!).. I skipped orientation to spend time with my dad.

Does that make me an anti-social with no life? With lousy grades?

I am not mad. It just made me wonder what kind of image I am portraying. I always look angry (say another senior), or I always look sick and tired (most people would comment).. where is the joy?


< u3! y!nG > said…
Well, that is what they think. But as long as you enjoy ur life at the moment, it's ok. U dun hv to be social to complete ur life.

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