I am in Bintulu

I am currently at the executive lounge of Park Everly Hotel in Bintulu, a small town over 200km away from Miri, my currently-self-professed hometown. I forgot to bring my comfy big Tees over, so I have to suffer with sleeveless and tight tops til I go home tomorrow. As for the agenda, there is absolutely none! Except that I spotted an Uncle Bob's stall. Oh, did I mention I am turning pig(let) soon because there is a free flow of drinks and snacks at this lounge. I just donned a Coke (translates; SINFUL), Pokka Orange Juice and some snacks. YIKES.

Oh, as for the room.I love the fact that the Executive Suite has two bathrooms. One has a shower and bathtub! The other has just a shower which is more than fine. I love hotel rooms with showers. I don't like bathtubs, don't ask me why. How can you shower in the bathtub. Bleh!

As for my online revenue, currently, I have around USD180. I am aiming USD500 before asking a friend from US to 'tt' the money back to my local account. How cool is that. Let's secretly hope the Ringgit close lower to USD... hahah! How I wish it was still pegged at 3.80, I know this is bad!


Ah Boy said…
great, u can meet your doggy soon :)
ah boy sure u miss snoopy :)
lynnx01 said…
Heheh! Thanks. Snoopy (aka Scooby aka Shoobie) sure misses us all! Hehehe

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