Why so single

I used to think the best age to get married is 24. Have kids by 25. Ideal. Perfecto.

But you see, we don't all live in an ideal world, that's the thing! So what is happening to me is that not only I find out I'll only graduate at age 26, I also found out that I am past 21 and still single!!!

That's a horrifying fact for a girl.

You see, I grew up a fat and plain girl. I understand very well that guys naturally don't fall for girls in my category. I do not blame them.

So I thought.. I'd just fall in love and reciprocate to whoever who shows some liking towards me. Smart.

At 17, still fresh and young and slightly not-overweight, I woke up in a mess - I found out three guys liked me (serious like or not, I am not sure) almost at the same time. Guess what. I didn't reciprocate at all! I avoided ALL of them.

Am I stupid or what.

I don't know if I did the right thing by not even giving chance. I acted against my own words. I was running away. I ran away and now I am forever single. I don't like anyone, neither does anyone like me. It is fine only the biological clock is ticking away no matter what.

As for me today, I am overweight again with no suitors on my way. I am alright. Even the marry-at-24 plan is going to fail big time.

This is such a private entry!


< u3!y!nG > said…
Haha.. Dun think yet. God will arrange for you. I bet u won't want a bf while u're studying.
BaSsiSt said…
HAHAHHA..lols..u remind me of someone i know of.. so similar~
lynnx01 said…
Ueiying, hah. I was just being emo that time when writing.

Bassist, you commented on my so back-dated post. Hehe. Reading back, I can't believe I actually wrote such a private entry.

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