Spiritually low

I have another confession. I get spiritually dry and low whenever I am home for vacation. It is not that I am a different person at home (sometimes I do feel I am somewhat different), but it just doesn't work at home.

We've got so many Bibles lying everywhere at home yet I never actually bother to pick up any to even freshen up myself spiritually. Instead, I blog and watch tv most of the time. Right.. I skip, jog, play tennis and read the newspapers too.

The devotional Study Bible is right on my piano!

I really feel like I am about to burn out real soon. As in dry until I can be burnt easily.

Sometimes, it really feels as like the devil beside you sometimes.


Sheena said…
It happens to me, too!

I found it so easy to be on fire when I was "on my own in KL", so to speak, because then it felt like my faith was truly my own, and my responsibility to nurture it.

When I am at home, though, and my whole family's Christian, we go to church because that's what we do... It's so easy to let things slide.

Just wanna encourage you to keep going, and may God give you the grace to do so.
lynnx01 said…
Thanks. I feel that the spiritual scene back home is too complacent. Is it because most people are born Christians? I sometimes really think I take things for granted just because they are all given to me.

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