The real drama

It is amusing somehow when I read the government's mouthpieces (aka newspapers lah) about the dramas in the courts revolving Altantuya's murder case.

Who may possibly know the real deal behind this murder?

I believe it isn't so simple as just a love scandal and some threats to Mr Razak Baginda. I think is is somehow rather complicated and twisted. The every gruesome detail should fit perfectly a story line in a novel.

This is purely fiction, I must disclaim first (in case some authorities try to gun me down)..

Think... a corporate, independent woman whose background was of a diverse Mongolian life. Her broken marriage, her being a single mother blah blah blah. She strived hard in life. She learnt the many languages and traveled the many continents.

Voila, she met some government officials from a small country who was interested in some business deal. She was offered a lump sum of $$$. She agreed. But instead of being paid, she was being cheated into a scandal full of lust.

Gosh, doesn't that sound so much like Sidney Sheldon's novel?

She was determined to get her revenge. In the end, she was blown up into pieces.

Book 2 brings us into court scenes where Book 1 left us with the gruesome murder.

Little did people know that this country this woman was involved in was rather complicated and non-transparent. Auw auw...

Someone, pretty please invite Mr Sidney Sheldon to come here towrite his latest fiction novel on this high profile case? I can't wait to read another Sheldon novel, that's for sure!!

Or else I might quit my day job and start working on this fiction novel before someone else curi this precious idea. Gonna be best international best seller, k!


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