If I could turn back time..

In the shower just now, I was thinking of a few things that I would like to change if I could turn back time. I never thought of something like this before.


Well, the few things I would love to change.

1. Buy Sunlight House instead
May it be cheaper and built earlier, that's the perfect ideal house! There are three (yes, THREE!) bathrooms downstairs. All attached bathrooms upstairs. How cool is that. Even though it is semi-detached, it has such unique design. The room downstairs is for Mama.

2. Mama won't go for op
She'll still be staying with us. Her room downstairs in Sunlight House would be the room in front (I told ya', different design!) with attached bathroom. The room would be decorated nicely. Lush curtains.. wait, lush is meant for forest not meh?

3. Pluto stays with us
Since we stay in Sunlight House, Pluto doesn't need to die, hit by the stupid pickup.

4. I wouldn't choose Roman blinds as curtains!
I learnt my lesson! I would choose nice, long curtains for the living room. We would keep it simple. We don't need curtains for the stairs - their windows are reflective!

5. I might not reject certain sparks in life..

Ahhhh.. if only I could turn back time..


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