I am not talking about the horoscope.

I am talking about neoplasm, the actual medical term. On Monday, I caught a glimpse of the obituary in the local dailies - my friend who is blood related to me (some far cousin)'s mother passed away. Ovarian cancer.

Tuesday came. I got a call - an uncle from church passed away. I remember this uncle who was active in church. He, in fact, played a big role in my grandparents' salvation some half a decade ago when my grandfather was in his deathbed battling liver cancer. Liver cancer. This was what exactly this uncle eventually died of.

Wednesday, another phone call came from a distant relative. An elderly (some aunt of my dad's) is suffering from kidney cancer with brain tumour. While my sister and I were wondering if we studied any kidney maglinancies, we were told that this old relative is not going to stay long.

I mean.. 3 days in a row - cancers all the way!

Neoplasm & cancer...

Is it the beginning or the end?
Or is it the beginning OF the end??


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