Being thin

What is that that girls want to be thin?

I am not asking for something like 40kilos.. that's for sure! I just want a healthy weight and that is all.


But I just don't know what in the world of metabolism disease I got infected with. Was it my diet? My lifestyle? I am not sure. I don't take so much rice. I definitely eat more vege than meat.

I prefer fish.

Period. Twice.

You see, maybe you might want to blame it on the hormones.


Whatever it is, I am just so sick of having to feel sick of worrying about my weight. For goodness' sake, I am 21. This is the time of my life! If I am dead worried about, say, that extra tyre around my waist at this time of my life, guess I would have turned hippo (who says hippos don't get worried!) next decade of my life. Not to mention, I am still a virgin.


I am not getting anywhere rambling all the way here. I need a cure! Instant cure! Anyone cares to sponsor me for your lose-weight programme? I am more than willing. Then I'll write tons and tons of testimonials for your publicity.

I promise.


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