Are you afraid of the dark?

Just finished reading Sidney Sheldon's 2004 novel - Are You Afraid of The Dark.

Don't call me outdated. The moment this novel was out that year, I was actually eyeing it on the bookshelves of a local bookshop. It was tagged RM34.90, super expensive! Being a super low budgeted girl, I thought of something 'brilliant'. I actually read the book right from the bookshelf.

I then recorded the page I stopped in my mobile and went off satisfied.

Not long after that, I had to return to Big City for college. I decided to take another cheapskate opportunity by visiting local stores MPH Bookstore to pick up where I left. I was left devastated. I couldn't find the book anywhere in MPH. I didn't give up. Somehow, I found the book wrapped neatly on one of the shelves.


So I couldn't read and just left there disappointed. I forgot about this book not long after. Many things came along the way and reading just suddenly wasn't really my first priority.

It was just recently out of boredom that my elder sister and I persuaded our younger sister to borrow some books from her school library. We quoted, 'Shidney Seldon' for fun. Mispronouncation, obviously. The sister of ours, despite being a Head Prefect in school, does not even know Sidney Sheldon writes good novels. She thought we were joking!

She went to the library with her friend Audrey nonetheless. She asked Audrey about Sidney Sheldon but was left clueless too. But lo' and behold.... Audrey her friend found Sidney Sheldon!! This book, I mean -

Estatic I was when she brought it home, I started reading it.. I brought everywhere to read. Even under the dim lights outside the local airport while waiting for my dad at night. Funny. I even read it during my tv time watching CSI. Got a bit confused after that because CSI had an investigation going on, and I had another 'adventure' written on papers. Funny my brain couldn't process simultaneously both. Things improved when I was watching Grey's Anatomy.

I finished the book this morning and can't wait to blog about it!

Another Sidney Sheldon novel conquered! My first was 'The Stranger in The Mirror' when I was 12 years old. I must admit, I could understand only something like 60% of the novel at that point in my life.

I love reading. I am not ashamed to admit it here. :D


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