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I think I have an underlying issue which I have been trying to avoid consciously and subconsciously. I feel like most days I am threading on thin shells, other days, I am just in a bubble trying to block out reality.

I sometimes genuinely believe that it is my insecurities, probably borderlining paranoia. But most of the times, I clutch onto those thoughts convincing myself that they are my accurate instincts. What are they, really? These imaginations or speculations... theories my mind made up? Or truths I am trying hard to ignore?

Sometimes I scare myself. Why do I think so much? Why make things so complicated when we can just live it simply? Am I that bored that my mind wanders so far away? Am I that empty that I try to fill up my life with delusions of such?

They say, our lives are always filled with "what ifs". Would it be better if we had known more than we should? Or should we just remain elusive and take things at face value? I am not sure. I am a thirty-something wo…

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