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New favourite

I have a new favourite herb!

It is called BASIL and it has been growing in my garden for years....

I finally decided to put it to good use after watching tons of Thai cooking videos featuring Thai basil leaves. Ground meat is more commonly used, but my first try was breast meat. I made a feature 'Thai basil chow mien' - my own modified recipe, if you may call it.

Three easy ingredients - leaves, sauces and chilli-garlic 
It was almost a one-pot dish (just some noodle blanching, if you may excuse that) and done quite easily. The result?
May I say 'YUMMY'?
The following day, I tried with a mix of ground and lean pork meat. 

I am getting more confident in cooking, I believe. I never had been great in cooking - having burnt shallots when I was young and clueless about cooking rice during college years. I have always wanted to learn and expand, yet the most crucial time in my youthful years were spent in an unrequited, tensed relationship where the guy I fell real hard for …

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