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After get past that big three, the first year thereafter should not feel as miserable, no?

It is, indeed, my thirty first birthday today. the big 31. Sometimes, I find it incredibly amazed at how far I have come. I genuinely cannot quite remember what I did last year for my 30th birthday - I believe I went home for father's day. Of course, one should not forget the Turn Thirty in Bali Nuts Birthday trip, which unfortunately was only brought up meekly in this post lamenting about weight issues. I guess sometimes the mind just subconsciously deletes off unfavourable memories.

This year, interestingly, have turned out to be slightly different compared to last year. The most obvious difference is my location. Ironically, I have been transfered to the town I was born in. It is altogether familiar yet foreign at the same time. I had to remove myself from the comfort zone and try to assimilate myself into a smaller district setting with limited resources and different cultures.

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