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Farewell February, Mari-mari March!

It is sometimes daunting when to think that two months of the year has gone by and we are entering March. Where have that two months gone? We were just harping on new year resolutions and what-not.

Today is the 15th day of Chinese New Year. It is also known as the chinese Valentine's Day. Funny how last year I was just throwing my first orange into the river, after talking about it for years without any apparent action. This year, I am giving the (virtual) orange to that very boy I have identified. How now brown cow.

Aside from all the frenzy and hype of 2018 and CNY, I must say - there are some issues that I should and would want to settle. I think I need to confront myself in certain areas in my life. I need to deal with some inner conflicts that have been making me think a lot about the future.

It felt like Godsent somehow, yesterday that I went shopping in a very impromptu and random fashion with a friend who shared with me her testimony. I really felt that I should heed her ad…

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