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Healthy pumpkin soup

Being posted to a small district meant food choices become limited. From a positive point of view, it made my housemate (also colleague) and I healthier - we opted for home cooked food. With the restriction of having just a pot and a small kitchen, we usually do one-pot soup dishes. One of my favourites happen to be the pumpkin soup.

The ingredients are simple. We usually source our pumpkin from the local store, selling for RM1.50-2 for half a pumpkin. The trick to this soup is the slow and long cooking of the soup to soften and disintegrate the pumpkin into puree-like consistency. Whilst cutting the pumpkin into small pieces, I would put pork bones to boil. The soup base may also include pepper, salt, thick soy sauce, onions and tomatoes. 

After cutting the pumpkin into small pieces, put them all into the soup to boil. I usually leave it to boil until the pieces disintegrate and the soup turns thick and golden yellow. After which, I would add tofu and other vegetables (such as musta…

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