Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back to the future me

There has been quite a buzz about the 'Back to the future II' day - which is actually today, 21 October 2015. While I scouted around for articles (eg this one from CNN) to enrich my almost non existent knowledge about the movie and its relation to the 'future' ie today, I cannot stop myself from thinking of what I would had envisioned for my future self when I was 9 or 10.

Did I see myself as a doctor?
Yes. But I did not think my life was so hectic I practically stopped enjoying it. I also did not foresee myself loving what I am doing now - anaesthetics. I do not even think I knew what anaesthetics was!

Did I see myself being single and hopelessly unmarried at this age?
No. I saw myself settling down in my mid twenties, leading a pretty normal life. Nothing like what I am today - someone without clear direction and always deprived of sleep. I certainly did not foresee myself having a void when it comes to relationships. I often thought normal people would eventually meet someone in their lives whom they would marry. Sadly to say, things never came true.

Did I see myself living in a nice home?
Surprisingly enough, I always dreamt and hoped to refurbish this old house and 3 years ago, my parents actually got it done pretty neatly. I saw the unused spacious balcony as an extra space. Today, the space has been closed up and extended as part of my room with the addition of a bathroom.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Singapore 15 years on

The last time I stepped on this island was in late 2001 when I attended the exam and interview for my ASEAN scholarship application. I eventually secured an offer to study in one of the secondary schools in Singapore fully sponsored with boarding and stuff. I was so excited to start a new phase of my life in a clean and developed country - but my hopes and were crushed when my parents decided maybe it was best to forgo the offer.

Disappointments entailed but little did I realise, that was my final trip to Singapore until last week. The irony was that I finally decided to make a trip there to attend the wedding of one of my primary school enemies. The 'enemy' was my primary school rival who is now a dentist there.

I began the trip there midweek at the worst haze season. That, however, did not deter us from visiting the Universal Studios at Sentosa. Without doing any research, I got conned into sitting on the extreme Battlestar Galactica roller coaster which was previously closed for almost to years for safety reasons.

Outside USS

Behind us is the Battlestar Galatica - we sat on both the human and cylon tracks! Madness!

A solo trip turned out to be a sisters trip.. then a cousins trip. It was really fun albeit the tiring coffee withdrawals I often had.

At Dazzling Cafe in a rather posh Capitol Theatres

Iconic landmarks captured in photos despite the haze

Or silly pictures like this..

Despite this trip being a cousins trip of some sort, I managed to squeeze in dinner with the hazelnut and Minnie maus. 

At Orchard Central after dinner

The climax of the trip was the wedding banquet I attended, which was just a couple of stops away by bus. It was grand and touching. I did not manage to get nice photos to justify how beautiful and awesome the banquet was. The bonus bit was meeting up with a childhood friend who is like an ultra far relation of mine whom I haven't met in almost twenty years!

The verdict? Definitely worth another visit in the future - pending the currency exchange, of course!

Goodbye from Changi Airport

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Speaking of distraction

I just renewed my diver's license for my 12th year driving.

And I crashed a motorcycle. Thump!

Funny how sometimes you drive and you get really close calls, you play it over and over again in your mind imagining it happening. Then one day, it happened when you just least expect it to.

When it happens, it happens too fast. I could not even remember how I reacted. This brief encounter would haunt me for life. I dare not even imagine.

Need a little bit of distraction

Following my previous title, I have started putting in a little more effort into my rather mundane life. I brought a book to work! Yay!
Today's title is a little bit of 'distraction'. I suppose a distraction perhaps can spice up my life a little? The last time I had a single distraction was probably half a decade ago. Nowadays, I am hardly distracted. Yet, I am still not focused. Such oxy moron I am, truly.
I dug out my box of letters, cards and post cards. I found some confession letters from a possible 'distractor'. I read through all three long letters and came out with a conclusion.
Sorry. I apologise for sounding rude and loud.
Maybe this is the absolute truth. Guys really only care about looks. Physical bits. If you are fat and unflattering like my current self , you would just end up having no distraction. The content of the letters I received was all about wow, actually you are very pretty yada yada yada. I wanna pursue you because you are really beautiful.

Ya. Ya. Ya. Whatever. Alright, so I paraphrased it. But the gist is there. Period.
On another side of things, distractions may blind you and lead you into a string of heartbreaks.
So really... Is a distraction required at this point in my life?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Need a little bit of direction

I have put off studying for at least six months. That is half a year, so to speak! With my two new editions of Peter Kam and T Peck, I really have no excuse not to start reading.

So, what have I accomplished in these six months of slacking?

Ashamed to say, I did not even read my collection of novels, nor practise on my cheap digital piano. Instead, I was probably wasting my time scrolling through Facebook and spinning on Slotomania. I watched a fair bit of TV and movie on the iPad, attempted cooking baking recently (but failed awfully) and still trying to work out and lose weight. I lost 1 kg and managed to squeeze back into my size 10 DP jeans, if that is considered an achievement.

Not so much of accomplishment, eh?

It is already August. While I am getting nearer and nearer to the big THIRTY, I really need to get a little focus and direction in life. Whether it is career, fitness, health or even relationships. I need to buck up and stop sleeping so much.

I shall come back soon to evaluate ..