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Long gone expertise

I used to brag so much about how I much I knew and understood about love, relationship and guys. That was maybe fifteen years ago.  I used to listen to my friends' rants on their boyfriends and how they did not understand yet I could 'see' what they couldn't.

I now very much doubt that I know anything at all.

Maybe it is just a different phase in life. Maybe it is all about growing up and adulthood. Maybe it is all those mysteries I never really solved in the first place.

Sometimes I often wonder and secretly fear that I have fallen for the idea of love rather than fallen in love. I never planned to fall in love yet sometimes at your least expected circumstances and timing, you find a man who consistently keeps in touch with you. At least, that was what I felt few months back. I have grown so fond of him I begin to question my own sanity at times. Then again, I am always advocating this 'we don't choose who we fall for' mantra. Without any real opportunitie…

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